About Us

Our firm is the continuation of of some of the oldest law firms in KwaZulu-Natal.
While we are experienced in multiple areas of legal practice, our firms focus is on property and estates.

It is not what we do but how we do it that distinguishes us. We have an approachable and friendly style and our close relationship
with our clients allows us to anticipate problems and give proactive advice that goes beyond just getting the law right.



We know property
We have been doing this for a while so we understand how it works. Would you want your GP to perform an intricate heart transplant on you? Why then risk what is most probably your biggest investment in unspecialized hands? Remember not all lawyers are conveyancers. Only qualified Conveyancers may prepare  Deeds of Transfer and Mortgage Bonds and register these documents in the Deeds Office.

Conveyancers are qualified Attorneys who have studied further and obtained the additional qualification of Conveyancer. We have a countrywide network of lodging agents and our bespoke legal software allows for electronic Dees Office searches, online rates certificate applications and even digital signatures for Bond documents. Whether you have just bought your first home purchased a flat or invested in commercial property, we will tailor the right Conveyancing package for you.

Wills & Estates


“No one gets out of here alive..” – Jim Morrison
Most of our lives are spent working hard to build our assets – and provide security for ourselves and our families. After all that hard work surely you want to be certain your assets are passed on to the people of your choice. A Will is a legal document that distributes your assets when you pass away. Providing peace of mind and reassurance, a legal Will ensures that when you die, your wishes are respected..

To us it becomes personal.
When you appoint us as your executor we will strive to understand your personal needs and
unique situation – after all – we need to carry out your wishes..

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